Hong Kong Gold Investment Forum 2012

The Hong Kong Gold Investment Forum took place 25-27 June 2012

The conference provided key insights on how to profit from gold and precious metal investment opportunities

Thank you for helping to make the Hong Kong Gold Investment Forum a great success.
The inaugural Hong Kong Gold Investment Forum closed to applause on 26 June. The main forum day brought together over 150 investors keen to hear more about the key trends and strategies for gold and precious metal investment. An excellent line-up of of speakers and panelists delivered thought-provoking speeches and there were many lively debates.

The Mining in a Day workshop on 25 June and the Investment Masterclasses on 27 June also added much value for those delegates looking for a deep-dive into mining methods and fundamentals, precious metal investment strategies or gold price risk management.

All in all, this first Hong Kong Gold Investment Forum was a great success and we thank you all for coming.

We look forward to seeing you again next year. Please keep an eye on this website for event updates.

The Future Remains Bright For Gold Investment Sticky


In terms of investment potential, gold has hit a bit of a rough patch over the past few years. After reaching a record high in 2011, the price of gold fell steadily until it reached its current rate. With prices today 30% lower than in 2011, some financial analysts have warned investors away from gold due to its supposed volatility and unpredictability.

Nevertheless, gold retains quite a loyal following as an investment option, with its most ardent proponents citing its potential value as protection against inflation. For many financial analysts, investing in gold can help solidify a diverse diversified investment portfolio, despite its general volatility. Better still, gold is expected to make a comeback of sorts, with prices rising significantly over the next few years.

One of the main most important factors that gold has in its favor is its tendency to go up in price along with the rise in inflation. The market performance of gold also tends to hold steady even as the value of the dollar dips, and the economy takes a downturn. Unlike other investment options, gold tends to march to its own beat, performing consistently despite the variances in the financial market.

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