Style Flanged Immersion Heater Improves a business and Industry

Design And Use
Immersion heaters are specialized heating units designed for use in tanks and vessels. They are primarily used to heat liquid chemical solutions by conduction. This kind of flanged immersion heaters are so-named because they are constructed as a series of heating tubes that are fastened to a round or square flange. This flange is bolted to a matching flange on the vessel or tank that will contain the liquid.

Design And Construction
Immersion heater units are high-capacity electrical conducting products. The heating elements are made from copper or steel. These elements are bent or rounded into tubular shapes and formed into a cluster. The cluster of tubes is then brazed onto the carbon steel flange.

The flange is manufactured with a series of holes that matches a sister flange. The flange is made from a steel type that can withstand high temperature fluctuations without undo expansion or contraction. This is necessary because the flanged immersion heater is in direct contact with the vessel or tank wall.

When using flanged immersion heater of this type, consideration must be given as to the type of liquid that will be heated. Different models of immersion heaters have their own basic characteristics, namely how resistant they are to corrosion, how quickly they heat up the liquid, and how much power is required to operate the heater at maximum capability.

Order forms for these units typically include a questionnaire that makes it easy for the manufacture/distributor to match a unit with the vessel and solution being heated. Considerations include the PH of the liquid, the ambient temperature, the desired final temperature, the voltage available at the tank site, and the tank size and volume.

These heater units are most commonly used in asphalt melting heater vessels, paraffin melting tanks, boiler heaters, hot water tanks, and industrial-sized aquariums. The specialized types of immersion heaters includes units that are fastened to elongated flanges for the purpose of being fitted inside piping. Screw plug variations are designed to be fitted inside tanks or pipes where there is a pressurized gas or liquid flow. These flanged heater units are designed to heat pressurized gas at a very fast rate.

Smaller over-the-side immersion heaters generally come with a fastening flange plate that also has a clip-on feature. These flaged immersion heater units can be used in vessels that have a stirring mechanism for aiding in heat distribution.

Manufacturers/Distributors Of Flange Heater Units
Most manufacturers of heat exchange units and thermostatic-control liquid heaters will either produce or purchase a line of flanged heaters searching to improve the business. The models shown on the online product pages of these manufacturers' websites are numbered in such a way as to locate them on a quick-reference chart. The chart will show which application is suitable for the model in question.